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released February 26, 2014

Samantha Boshnack: Trumpet
Gus Clark: Accordion and vocals
Annie Ford: Violin
Valerie Holt: Vocals
Matt Manges: Drums
Ivan Molton: Bass, electronics/drum programming
Anne Mathews: Vocals

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Pierre Ferguson at Foundry for Sound



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Eurodanceparty USA Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Dola Te Percolla Kah Tetova
“I went out to say goodbye to you / On the road to Tetova, Tetova. / There I saw two girls, two girls; / I was charmed by the lovelier one. / Come on; well said, well said; / Your cheeks are red like apples.”
Track Name: Katerino Mome
“Katerina, girl, Katerina / Why are you so beautiful? / What kind of mother bore you? / What kind of water did you drink? / I am, dear love, so beautiful, / I am so attractive, / Because I grew up on the mountain, / Because I grew up on Pirin Mountain. / The Pirin water, love, I drank, / The Pirin grass I trod, / A Bulgarian mother bore me, / A Pirin mother raised me, / A Bulgarian mother raised me.”
Track Name: Baҫe MBaҫe Me Zambake
“From basil garden to basil garden / As soon as I saw you, I lost my mind / Jarnana, jarnane; come, come to me. / From lily garden to lily garden / When I saw you, I fell in love with you / Jarnana, jarnane; come, come to me.”
Track Name: Kur Me Rrin Karshi Karshi E
“When I sit in front of you / I am in love with you; / I care for only you. / You are my heart and the apple of my eye. / White and beautiful you are; / I cannot wait to smell you. / If I knew I had you, / A hen I’d want to be, / Into the coop I’d want to go, / and stir up all the hens. / God has given me skill; / A fish I’d want to be. / Into the sea I’d want to go / and stir up all the fish.”
Track Name: Zapjevala Sojka Ptica
“The nightingale began to sing, thinking the dawn had already come. ‘Wake up, Kato. Wake up, my darling. Prepare the gifts.’ ‘I’m young and poor; I don’t have gifts.’ ‘If you are young and poor, why are you getting married?’ ‘My mother married me off; I didn’t even know.’”